Sunday 2 August 2015

There is a Non-Spicy India

After coming from a hard day at office, many of us often think of making out the best of the night. What can be more special than a good dining treat at the best Indian restaurant in Notting Hill? There are a number of restaurants listed everywhere, on internet as well as on mobile apps that are used to search. However, one can never guarantee that perfect Indian taste.

Ensuring the quality of the dining, we have the Michelin star restaurant London inspected specially by Michelin. Michelin Star is something that defines the dining quality of a restaurant and even if Michelin has starred a dining palace then it is worth going there and tasting what they have.

Indian Specialty

World knows what Indian food is famous for- its spices, but there are some other delicious things unknown to world about Indian food and often served in private dining rooms in London where only those who know India order these foods.


This south Indian food comes from the rice flour and plain in taste, this is one of the top non-spicy dish in India. Several best Indian restaurant near Marylebone are serving it. There are options of taking sweet or spicy chutney’s with this.


Made under pure ghee at Indian homes, saag is Indian way of making spinach. It tastes quite remarkable when taken with deep fried bread called puri’s or with chapatti’s made from maize flour. This food also has no spice but still ranks top in Indian foods and have made in menu of best Indian restaurant.

Sweet Dishes like Jalebi

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World knows jalebi and world knows how delicious these crispy, crunchy, round ones are when your mouth explores the taste of it. Just like that, India is a king of sweets and best Indian restaurant Bayswater offer a range of sweets that will take you to a different world of sweetness. Follow us on FB: